Becoming a Member

Benefits to Becoming a member with Many Feathers

  • Direct involvement in the organization’s activities and the ability to vote
  • A long-term commitment to the organization: not just use of services, but involvement in its development and having the ability to contribute and make a difference
  • Discounts on services
  • Exclusive offerings to only members (such as our community garden plots)
  • Socially responsible financial investment (your investment allows us to grow, provides an overall benefit to your community, and therefore affects the value of where you live)
  • Members can offer either time or a financial contribution to our organization, therefore doing their part in helping us work towards the betterment of the environment
  • Overall commitment to the community


Types of Memberships

Individual Members

Members of this class purchase goods from the co-operative through either monetary contributions or credit with the co-operative. Members acquire credit through working (volunteer) hours with the co-operative at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

This means that someone can purchase membership to Many Feathers and can in turn receive the benefits we outline. This can include discounts on products/services for which the public would pay retail price.

Individual membership is excellent for people who are able to invest in our organization and do not necessarily have the time to volunteer with us.

However, Many Feathers also understands that many of our supporters may want to become members, and cannot afford the same cost of investment. We therefore offer opportunities for members who are able to donate time instead of money to receive discounts on their membership. This discount program is outlined below.

Regular Cost of Membership: $60/year or $5/month

Discounts on Individual Memberships

Hours Volunteer members must contribute per fiscal year: 25

25-34 hours = 15% discount off the price of voting membership

35-39 hours = 25% discount off the price of voting membership

40-49 hours = 35% discount off the price of voting membership

50-74 hours = 50% discount off the price of voting membership

75-99 hours = 80% discount off the price of voting membership

100+ hours = 99% discount off the price of voting membership

*members eligible for a discount will be provided with a discount code

Purchase an Individual Membership here


Volunteer Members

Members who might not be able to invest the full membership fee into the organization, but can provide time, are offered a discount program on their membership in accordance with the amount of hours they volunteer annually.

Strictly volunteering, however, does now allow members of this class do not hold full legal membership to the co-operative, but does allow them to participate in the working activities of the co-operative in order to gain volunteer experience and hours. These members are not subject to the membership fee.

Volunteer members must contribute a number of hours to the organization to become an official member, and in order to hold voting rights they will be upgraded to an Individual Member alongside a nominal fee.

We encourage you to sign up as a volunteer member if you're at all interested in our organization. This type of membership supports us in many administrative ways, and is a great entry into supporting your community.

sign up for a volunteer membership here


Vendor Members

Members of this class supply goods or services to the co-operative or use co-operative operated land for the sale of their goods and services.

For example, at the farmers’ market we have both vendors and vendor members. Vendor members pay an additional fee and receive benefits such as logo on our advertising, features in the newsletter, and are invited to the annual AGM. These members therefore contribute to the overall direction of the organization since they participate in one of our events. 

Cost of membership: $50/year or $10/month of the market season with the purchase of a full farmers market season vendor stall


purchase a vendor membership here


Corporate Consumer Members

Members of this class purchase the cooperative’s food and services for commercial purposes (for example, a restaurant that purchases fresh vegetables from one of our gardens).

Cost of membership: Currently not available for sale.