Market Sponsors

Many Feathers would like to thank our sponsors for helping us empower our community and bring the Market to the Lisgar/Meadowvale community. We rely on local and national businesses to help us develop our projects and meet our goals of empowerment. sustainability. community.

Many Feathers appreciates and support businesses that wish to empower their communities. 

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2017 Sponsors 

Mathnasium Meadowvale

Mathematics is such a vital part of a child’s schooling, and yet so many students have problems learning math. What is your approach to helping students deal with the complexities of math?

Many students begin struggling with math in the early stages of schooling. Because math is cumulative, concepts build upon each other. Therefore, if a child does not understand one concept, a domino effect ensues. Making sure that the child has a strong foundation of math is extremely vital for their success in future math, science, and other courses. At Mathnasium, they work to pinpoint the students' gaps in understanding and build a customized learning plan to work towards success. They understand that each student struggles with different concepts and no two students are the same, so they try to cater to each student and focus on their specific needs.


Help your child to #CatchUpKeepUpGetAheadStayAhead in Math Today!


2016 Sponsors