Looking for that great seasonal position that puts you above the competition? We offer several positions within our events, education, and gardens teams that offer hands-on learning,  job-specific training, mentorship, and more. Click here to see our upcoming career opportunities.



Looking to join a dynamic team and develop programs for a non-profit organization? We offer several positions that are perfect for university/college students, or for individuals who are dedicated to community development. Click here to see what positions are currently open.


Are you looking for volunteer hours? We offer shifts at our weekly farmer's market that can help you gain skills in community engagement, sales, fundraising, and event planning. More info below.
Email volunteers@manyfeathers.ca to sign up for a shift. 


GROW in our garden

Choose what shifts work with your schedule.

The garden offers a chance for volunteers to learn about organic growing practices, and get the rewards that come with growing. Volunteers can learn skills to apply in their own backyard and makes organic food more accessible than ever before. 

Volunteer Activities:

  • Assist Garden Developers in taking care of our community garden
  • Outdoor work and a love for plants
  • Get rid of weeds
  • Harvest crops
  • Water garden
  • Help plan to expand our garden in the future
  • Track developments at the garden for future projects

This position is great for volunteers looking to develop their skills in gardening, horticulture, agriculture, or farming, and for those who love the outdoors, don’t have their own gardens, or who just want to help get more plants in the ground for the betterment of the environment.

support our markets

Volunteer at our weekly market at Lisgar Go Station.

Market volunteers are energetic individuals who want to help create a community space that promotes environmental sustainability, and local entrepreneurs.

Event Set-up & Tear-down 

Great for volunteers who would prefer to work during the cooler hours of the day, who prefer the organization of setting up events prior to customer arrival, or who are looking to obtain school hours.

Customer Service & Sales

Great for volunteers looking to get job experience in customer service & cash handling 


Great for volunteers who enjoy talking to the public and analyzing their responses to better the market towards their needs.

Email volunteers@manyfeathers.ca to get more information.