Community Garden: We're growing!

We started our community garden project with a simple objective: to learn about gardening, and to create a collaborative space for our volunteers & community members to grow. 

We're thankful that our garden is doing beautifully, and we have gotten an incredible opportunity to expand operations and do even more for our community!

We are in the midst of planning for a market garden that will be roughly 2 acres, and educational programming in partnership with another organization.  

In order to do that we need to put together a #DreamTeam to make our projects happen! We're actively recruiting people who we think would be a good fit for intern & volunteer positions in our projects and we will have a listing of paid opportunities once our project gets off the ground! 



Our upcoming project includes developing a garden that has both an educational and sales component. Students in business programs may benefit from developing revenue plans, sales, tracking, and data analysis of these sales. The educational component would be connecting the kids who go to camp or are in the classroom programs on site to what is in their food, how to grow it. This would require developing teaching plans, or workshops to engage kids.

If you're looking to develop resume skills, we are offering roles in:

  • social media management

  • data analysis

  • human resources

  • project management

  • event planning

We are more than happy to train and help volunteers transition into their roles, however our projects are time sensitive and require communication within 24hrs, and a minimum availability of 3 hours a week.

Email us at with your resume, and the role you are interested in!