Market Recap: September 20 ,2015

Last Sunday we held our 8th Many Feathers Market! Our market opens at 9 a.m and set up is done entirely by volunteers on the Many Feathers team. In the mornings you'll find us putting down signs along the roads leading up to the Lisgar Go Station, and greeting our vendors as they arrive and offering to help them set up. 

There's always lots to see at the market, and impossible to miss were the beautiful blooms Big John's Country Market had for sale along with their organic family farm grown produce and preserves! 

We had Binky join us with some limited edition espresso cups at the Golden Gecko Coffee booth. They have organic coffee blends and espresso for all your coffee cravings!


A welcome addition to the market was the set that Jammers Waffle House played. They're young local musicians with a great sound and range. They have original tracks available for download on their site, and play events!

Delicious fresh food was everywhere! The best part is that the produce available at the market is all Ontario grown, and the food is all hand made and prepared without additives! 


Many Feathers welcomes all visitors to our market even leashed dogs! We have a dog bowl for your thirsty pups and are glad to have them come to our markets too! 

Our next market is on October 4th, we hope to see you soon! Thanks!