To Talk the Talk, To Walk the Walk

As temperatures climbed to 33C, the volunteer team of Many Feathers never wavered in their smiles, giggles and greetings as visitors poured into the market. Yes. This was the first hot day of the summer and the past two markets had been one step away from being declared a deluge of biblical proportions.

A steady feature at the Many Feathers Market is surely the smile and greeting from Alex. But look closely as he lovingly clasps his precious visitor counter-clicker. Rarely do you see him step into the shade of the Many Feathers tent to rest his smile, feet or clicker because a few seconds later he will dart back out to greet another visitor, give out a postcard with market dates and yes… click the clicker.

Click, click … young volunteers from local high schools never wavered in their smiles despite soaring heat and blinding sun, as they painted tigers, butterflies and daisies onto eager faces, as they played emerging music that set feet tapping.

Click, click … Many Feathers board members raced each other as they rushed from vendor to vendor handing out iced water and popsicles as treats. Yes the smiles never wavered, in fact they were widened by the thanks shouted out by happy vendor partners.

Click, click … the market feels like a family; of volunteers, vendors & community coming together to greet, share, eat and grow. A family noisy, rambunctious and resilient despite soaring temperatures, the occasional highly damaging gusts of wind and glaring sun. As the temperatures climbed so did the attendance for the market, which despite it’s infancy crossed 1500 attendees. Community members stopped by the welcome tent to share their thanks for organizing the market, give feedback, and share their appreciation for the diversity of vendors and their happiness at being able to buy local.

All giving much reason for the happy smiles amongst Many Feathers’ (entirely volunteer) board because this is what it feels like to talk the talk whilst you truly walk the walk of building a sustainable community of changemakers.

Click.. Click… See you at the next market.